Bohemian Rhapsody


Bohemian Rhapsody Review Live Aid Performance Scene Info Malek wins Oscar for role


This movie follows the story of the band "Queen", primarily focused on Freddy Mercury. It displays how Freddy met the band, and how they went on to compose several great songs together. It also focuses on Freddy's many relationships.

Later in the film, it delves into Queen's mommentary break up, and how Freddy struggled on his own. Freddy's struggle with the AIDS virus is a large part of the end, and his realization spurs him on to reconnect. It concludes with them getting back together and their preformance at Live Aid.


This was an amazing movie. It did a great job accuracy wise, and pulled the audience into the story. The music selections were great as well and highlighted their current work at the time. The Live Aid scene was particularly incredible, as it was a very faithful and accurate recreation. I highly reccomend this film.


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